Mangavolume Series: Stripeblue Meet Abo Ozawa, ace pitcher. He can’t seem to make up his mind, on or off the baseball diamond. Off the field, he finds himself pulled in either direction by two lifelong friends. On one hand, there is the cute-but-fiery Hana Eguchi, who’s also an ace pitcher, even more famous, and constantly assaulted by reporters and talent scouts. There’s just no controlling this girl. On the other hand, there is the cute-but-controlled Noriko “Norippe” Asai. The third member of the trio, she finds herself overshadowed by her two friends. As events unfold, will he be able to choose between them? But Abo’s mind is on baseball, and he doesn’t have time to deal with these problems. Or does he? On the pitcher’s mound, on the one hand, his left arm has the control to put the ball right where he wants to with absolutely perfect precision. And on the other hand, his right arm is a powerful uncontrolled monster that flails fireballs at the plate too fast to see. Which glove should he wear? On or off the field, he is faced with the decision: right vs. left? In the end, will he be able to choose? (currently 10 chapters) en-us Tue, 4 Aug 2015 01:25:19 EDT RsmithXML 2.0 Blue.jpg Mangavolume Series: Stripeblue Stripeblue Chapter 11 Chapter 11 available on 03-24-2009. 24 pages. Tue, 24 Mar 2009 03:57:37 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 10 Chapter 10 available on 03-22-2009. 43 pages. Sun, 22 Mar 2009 03:55:46 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 9 Chapter 9 available on 03-20-2009. 48 pages. Fri, 20 Mar 2009 15:31:34 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 7 Chapter 7 available on 09-04-2008. 63 pages. Thu, 4 Sep 2008 02:38:07 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 6 Chapter 6 available on 09-04-2008. 22 pages. Thu, 4 Sep 2008 02:38:04 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 5 Chapter 5 available on 09-04-2008. 96 pages. Thu, 4 Sep 2008 02:38:01 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 4 Chapter 4 available on 09-04-2008. 24 pages. Thu, 4 Sep 2008 02:15:12 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 1 Chapter 1 available on 04-03-2008. 81 pages. Thu, 3 Apr 2008 10:22:09 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 3 Chapter 3 available on 04-03-2008. 81 pages. Thu, 3 Apr 2008 10:22:08 EDT Stripeblue Chapter 2 Chapter 2 available on 04-03-2008. 24 pages. Thu, 3 Apr 2008 10:17:13 EDT