Mangavolume Series: See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil An original series about a boy, Alexander, who grew up being abused by both parents. when they died from too much drinking, he was left alone in that dark house for 10 years and never went outside. only when the house caught fire one night, did he step outside only to find that he couldn\'t see anything but pure darnkness. he ends up stumbling out onto the road where he gets hit by an oncoming car. he\'s rushed to the hospital and a few weeks later, he finds himself in an orphanage where he\'s to interact with others. being alone for those long years made him unable to socialize and open up to anyone. when he reaches the age of 17, he is transferred to a high school where there is a program that will help him learn and cope with his unique blindness. one day he accidentally walks into a young boy named Yori and they begin to spend time with each other everyday. turns out Yori is actually a girl and is only 12 years old, and alrady in high school. however, Alexander doesn\'t necessarily know this yet. when they finally graduate Yori asks if Alexander will live with him so he won\'t have to rent some place out. he agrees and after one embarassing night, Alexander finds out Yori is actually a girl. They begin to open up to each other and Yori starts to fall for Alexander, but doesn\'t kow if she should tell him yet. Sadly, one afternoon they were walking to the grocery store and out of nowhere a drunk driver comes and swirves towards Alexander and Yori. Alex hears the car and pushes Yori out of the way and is hit with the car\'s full impact. a month later alexs wakes up in the hospital with Yori sleeping next to him. she wakes up and tells him the whole sotry and she tells him she loves him. he loves her too and once he is up and walking, they live together until they\'re old enough to wed :) (currently 0 chapters) en-us Fri, 21 Nov 2014 21:56:44 EST RsmithXML 2.0 no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.jpg Mangavolume Series: See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil