Mangavolume Series: Project Extinction The place took place in the year 2546 a girl named Ceil Celean, what she though was her normal life was going smoothly until she meet the richest boy in the world Houki Vandara then what she was told by the people surrounded her told her that 4 year ago she was kidnap and for what ever she don\'t remember what happen that 4 year but she didn\'t know that she wasn\'t the only one, she soon found out on her senior year that 2 of her classmate was kidnap on the same year and has no memory of that 4 year so then after meeting Houki her life went merry go round as she just realize that people are dying ever day not by natural cause but by strange phenomenon. in this series you will find lot of stuff very very weird. WARNING BEFORE YOU READ THIS NOTED THIS: The author is very very very inexperience with writing manga so the art is a bit unprofessional but it will get better and also the author is very bad at grammar so if there is any mistake try hard to ignore it (currently 0 chapters) en-us Tue, 5 May 2015 04:14:25 EDT RsmithXML 2.0 Extinction.jpg Mangavolume Series: Project Extinction